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TOPICS :  Deer on roads, deer-vehicle collisions & roadkill mitigation Summary Full paper
Langbein, J (2017)

Deer-vehicle collisions in Scotland: data collection and collation to end 2015 SNH Commissioned Report 950. Scottish Natural Heritage

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Nelli, L., Langbein, J., Watson, P. Putman, R. (2018) 

Mapping Risk: Quantifying and Predicting the Risk of Deer-Vehicle Collisions on major roads in England. Mammalian Biology, 91, pp. 71-78. (doi:10.1016/j.mambio.2018.03.013)

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Langbein, J. (2011)  Monitoring Deer vehicle collisions in England to end 2010. Final Report to Highways Agency . Deer Initiative, Wrexham. [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J. (2011)  Deer Vehicle Collisions in Scotland Monitoring Project 2008-2011. The Deer Initiative, Wrexham  [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J., Putman RJ and B Pokorny (2011)  Traffic collisions involving deer and other ungulates in Europe and available measures for mitigation. In Ungulate Management in Europe, Problems and Practices. Cambridge University Press. Chapter 8.  [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J. (2010a)  Pilot study to assess the potential of existing structures on the A30 and A38 trunk roads to provide safer crossing places for deer. Report to Highways Agency. Research Report 10/1 . The Deer Initiative, Wrexham.  [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J. (2010b)  Collision Course (2): Deer Vehicle accidents on Britain’s roads. Deer Vol 15 (4) 10 -14. [Summary] [Full paper]
 Langbein, J. (2008) Urban Deer Vehicle Collisions - A risky life for deer Urban deer conference, Oct. 08 Linnean Society, London / British Deer Society [Summary] [Presentation]
Langbein, J. (2007a) National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project: England 2003-2005. Final Report to the Highways Agency. The Deer Initiative, Wrexham. [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein J. (2007b)  Use of remote video surveillance to investigate deer behaviour in relation to wildlife deterrents, roads and vehicles. ‘Deer on our Roads Seminar’, Ashridge, UK,  [Summary] [Presentation]
Langbein, J. and Putman, R.J. (2006)  National Deer-Vehicle Collisions Project; Scotland, 2003-2005. Report to the Scottish Executive, June 2006. [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J, Putman, R.J. (2006)  Collision Cause (1): Journal of the British Deer Society - Summer 2006, Deer Vol. 13 (10) [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J (2006)   Deer Vehicle Collisions.  InRoads - The Journal for road safety Professionals - Vol. 27  Issue 27.  pp 12 – 14.  ISSN 1747 6771 [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein, J. and Putman R.J. (2005)  Deer Vehicle Collisions in Britain – a nationwide issue. In Practice 47 : p1-7 (Journal of the Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management).  [Summary] [Full paper]
Staines, B.W., Langbein, J. and Putman, R.J. (2001)  Deer Commission for Scotland: Deer and road traffic accident survey. DCS, Inverness. [Summary] [Full paper]
Langbein , J (1985) North Staffordshire Deer (Accident) Survey 1983-85: Research & Development. British Deer Society, Fordingbridge [Summary] [Full paper]
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Langbein, J (2015) CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF RED DEER ON THE NATIONAL TRUST HOLNICOTE ESTATE. Consultation , review and new Holnicote Deer Management Strategy 2015 - 2025. (Report on behalf of The National Trust) [Full report] [Condensed Report]
Putman, R.J., Langbein, J., Green, P. and Watson, P. (2011) Identifying threshold densities for wild deer in the UK above which negative impacts may occur. Mammal Review 41, 175-196. [Abstract]
Putman, R.J., Watson P.  and Langbein, J. (2011)

Assessing deer densities and impacts at the appropriate level for management: a review of methodologies for use beyond the site scale. Mammal Review  41, 197-219

[Abstract] [Full paper]
Langbein J. (2009) Exmoor’s Other Deer : current status of Fallow, Sika, Roe and Muntjac within Exmoor National Park and surrounding areas. [Full paper]
Putman R J & J Langbein (2006) Deer and their management in the New Forest . A consultation report to Forest Enterprise, Lyndhurst , Hants. 151pp plus figures. (basis for development of FC New Forest Deer Management 2006) [contact authors] [FC DM Plan 2005-2015]
Langbein, J and S M Rutter (2003)

Quantifying the damage wild deer cause to agricultural crops and pastures. In: (ed E Goldberg)  Proceedings of the Future for Deer Conference . English Nature Research Reports no. 548 (pages 32 - 39) 

[Full paper]
Langbein, J and N Chapman (2003) Fallow Deer . Mammal Society and British Deer Society. (Booklet on their Biology, Ecolgy & History in Britain, 36 pages) [Book link]

Putman R J with J Langbein (2003):

The Deer Manager’s Companion: A guide to the management of deer in the wild and in parks. Swan Hill Press. [book link]
Macdonald, D.W. et al. (2000)

Managing British Mammals: Case Studies from the Hunting Debate. Wildlife Conservation Research Unit: Oxford .(Macdonald D, Tattersall, F.H., Johnson, P.J., Carbone, C., Reynolds, J. C., Langbein, J., Rushton, S. P. and M Shirley)

[book link]
Putman R.J., Sullivan,M.S. ; Langbein, J. (2000) Fluctuating asymmetry in antlers of fallow deer: the relative roles of environmental stress and sexual selection. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 70: 27-36. [Abstract]
Thirgood, S.T., Langbein, J., and Putman R.J. (1999) Intraspecific variation in ungulate mating strategies: the case of the flexible fallow deer. Advances in the Study of Behaviour – Vol. 28, 333-361 [Abstract]
Langbein, J. (1998) Towards Sustainable Management of Deer in Exmoor and The Quantock Hills. A consultation starter document to stimulate constructive debate on how greater co-ordination of deer management within Exmoor and the Quantock Hills might best be achieved in practice. prepared for Exmoor NP by J Langbein, July 1998 [Full doc]
Langbein, J (1998)  The Ranging Behaviour, Habitat-use and Impact of Deer in Oak woods and Heather moors of Exmoor and the Quantock Hills – an overview of the recent research project in SW England co-funded by BDS . Deer - Volume 10, pp 516-521
Langbein, J (1997)  The Ranging Behaviour, Habitat-use and Impact of Deer in Oak woods and Heather moors of Exmoor and the Quantock Hills. British Deer Society . Fordingbridge. [Synopsis] [Full Report 26MB]
Langbein, J and R Putman (1992) Reproductive success of female fallow  deer in relation to age and condition. in R.D. Brown (ed): The Biology of Deer, pp.  293-299, Springer Verlag, New York [Contact author]
Langbein, J and R Putman (1992) Behavioural responses of park red and fallow deer to public disturbance and effects on population performance. Animal Welfare 1 (19 - 32). [Abstract]
Langbein, J (1991) Effects of density and age on condition, reproductive  performance, behaviour, and survival of Fallow deer. Ph.D thesis ( Southampton ) [Abstract] [Contact author]
Langbein, J. and Thirgood, S.T. (1989) Variation in mating systems of Fallow deer in relation to Ecology. Ethology 83 : 195-214. [Abstract]
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Macdonald, D.W. et al. (2000)

Managing British Mammals: Case Studies from the Hunting Debate. Wildlife Conservation Research Unit: Oxford (Macdonald. D, Tattersall, F.H., Johnson, P.J., Carbone, C., Reynolds, J.C., Langbein, J., Rushton, S.P. and Shirley, M.D.F.)

Langbein, J et al. (1999) Techniques for assessing the abundance of Brown Hares Lepus europaeus. Mammal Review Volume 29, Issue 2, pp93–116 [Abstract] [Full paper]
Gurnell, J and J Langbein (1983) Effects of trap position on the capture of woodland rodents . Journal of Zoology Volume 200, Issue 2, pages 289–292, June 1983 [abstract]
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